Lotus Posture

This classic sitting position also known as Padmasana, is greatly revered as a position for meditation and pranayama because it enhances concentration. Its known as the lotus position due to the similar bodily shape it creates, which resembles the lotus flower. This position also encourages the individual to inhale and exhale properly, without using only the upper chest area for breath.
Steps for the Lotus Asana
1.) From the easy position, take hold of your left thigh. The foot will turn slightely so that the sole is facing upward.
2.) Next, take hold of the left foot and bring it up across, onto the right thigh.
3.) The hands should rest on the knees so that the palms either cover the knee caps or are directed upwards while the index fingers touch the middle portion of the thumbs. You can also comfortably position the hands together near the solar plexus region. While in this position become fully relaxed and concentrate on your breath. Take nice deep breaths
Common problems
~Knee (s) are lifted off the floor
~Back is not straight from head to spine
~Foot is not high enough on thigh
~Body leaning to one side
~Shoulders are hunched and not level
~CAUTION: Never force the body into a position which is painful or uncomfortable in any way...practice will make the body gradually flexible and tolerant
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