Utilizing Gemology

If one wears gems to gain general good effects, they can be worn at any time, but in general the best times are in the morning (before noon) during Shukla Paksha (the bright half of the lunar month). If one is wearing a gem in order to offset the bad effects of planetary configurations, here are some suggested times as to the most effective times to wear the gems. Read the chart according to this example: for general luck, red coral should be worn within one hour of sunrise on a Tuesday, during the phase of Mars. In the list, the first finger refers to the index finger, the second finger to the middle finger, the third finger to the ring finger, and the fourth finger to the little finger.

Setting in a  Ring 

Astrological gems are usually set either in a ring or a pendant. The gem's effect is stronger if the setting has a hole in its back by which the gemstone can actually touch the wearer's skin. Gemstones should be set in such a way as to allow light to pass through the stone into the body. Pendants are best worn over the heart or throat chakra. 

Differen t gems should be set in different metals. Gemstones should be set in metal that naturally transmits the g em's pot ency. Rubies, yellow sapphires, red coral, and their substitutes should all be set in yellow gold. Diamonds, blue sapphires, emeralds, cat's eyes, and hessonites can be set either in white or yellow metals, but usu ally the white metals (silver, platinum, and white gold) are better. Pearls should always be set in silver, because silver has a cooling effect, which is good for the mind, while gold has a heating effect.According to some authorities, the metals ascribed to the planets are: gold for the Sun, silver for the Moon, brass for Mercur y, silver for Venus, gold for Jupiter, and iron or steel for Saturn.

According to other authorities, it is copper mixed with gold for the Sun and Mars, silver for the Moon, Mercury, and Ve nus, gold for Jupiter, steel for Saturn, and an alloy of eight metals (Ashta Dhatu) for Ketu and Rahu. According to Western astrologers, silver is the best metal in which to set all gems. 

Primary gemstones should be worn as rings or necklaces; secondary gemstones can be  worn as rings, necklaces, br acelets, or earrings.

Finger To Wear On

It is best to wear primary gems as rings, so that the gem's energy can be transmitted through the finger's nerve. Each finger is governed by a specific planet, and is also related to certain parts of the body. Gemstones have more effect if they are worn on the proper fingers. If a particular gemstone is prescribed, and the planet that rules that gemstone is not related to a particular finger, then the gemstone should be worn on a finger ruled by a friend of that planet. The gem for one planet can be worn with the gem of another planet if the two planets are friendly.

For example, diamond, ruled by Venus, should be worn on the fingers of Venus's friends—the middle finger (controlled by Saturn), or the little finger (controlled by Mercury). Cat's eye and hessonite (gomedha) should be worn on the middle finger, because the planets that rule these two gemstones, Ketu and Rahu, are Saturn's friends, and Saturn controls the middle finger. Many astrologers say that the right hand is the hand for men and the left for women.When a qualified astrologer prescribes a gem, it is important to ask him or her what finger it should be worn on.

Index finger—Jupiter controls the index finger (the finger next to the thumb). Yellow sapphire should be worn on this finger. Pearl, topaz, coral, and moonstone can also be worn on this finger. This finger relates to the stomach or respiratory system.

Middle finger—Saturn controls the middle finger. Blue sapphire, gomedha, and cat's eye should be worn on this finger. Sapphire, moonstone, and white pearl can also be worn on this finger. The middle finger relates to the brain, mind, intestines, and liver.

Ring finger—The Sun controls this finger. Ruby, pearl, moonstone, red coral, and yellow sapphire should be worn on this finger. This finger relates to the stomach, blood circulation, kidneys, and respiratory system. This finger is next to the little finger. The gems for the Moon and Mars are also worn on this finger, as both the Moon and Mars are friends with the Sun. It is also said that Mars rules the thumb, and should be worn on the thumb.

Little finger—Mercury controls this finger. Wear emerald, green jade, diamond, and zircon on this finger. It relates to the legs, feet, and genitals.





Finger Auspicious Time








Red Coral





Gold or Silver




Gold or Silver


Yellow Sapphire




Blue Sapphire




Cat's Eye

Gold or Silver




Gold or Silver



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