Hessonite Gemstone, Hessonite Birthstone

  The gemstone that is transparent, of fine and good colour, soft in touch and gives luster and radiance, is considered a stone of good quality and auspicious gomedha. The gemstone having a light blackish hue, without radiance, rough, flat, full of layers and which looks like a yellow piece of glass, is a stone of average quality and is not considered auspicious. Wearing of an unblemished Gomedha (Hessonite) ensures the native safety and protection from deadliest of enemies. Gomedha (Hessonite) bestows health, wealth and prosperity to its owner. A blemished gemstone is harmful for the wearer. The red coloured Gomedha (Hessonite) is injurious to health and one having a mixture of mica is destroyer of wealth.

Who Should Wear Gomedha (Hessonite)?

Rahu is a shadowy node and do not own any signs in the zodiac. Rahu gives the results to the lords of the bhavas or houses they occupy. Therefore, if Rahu and Ketu occupy a bhava (house), the lord of which is an auspicious planet in a birth chart and is well placed in it, Rahu will give better results to that particular planet. In such circumstances it will be beneficial for the native to wear a Gomedha (Hessonite) for Rahu in their major and sub-periods.

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