About Us

Sixth Sense Vedic Astrology Services is an internationally renowned organization headed by the acclaimed astrologer, Sunny Kaushal. Mr. Kaushal comes to you with unparalleled experience in the science of ancient Eastern Vedic Astrology, with over 10 years of research and experience.  


Sunny Kaushal is also an expert in the fields of Gem therapy with precious stones, and mantras. Mr. Kaushal has aided many people world-wide, with his knowledge in the mystic medicinal properties of precious stones.  


Sunny Kaushal started his discovery of the vast science of Vedic astrology as a hobby. Now looked up to as a prodigy in this field, Mr. Kaushal continues to help the lives of many, with his miraculous cures through the hidden secrets, left by the ancient sages of India. From accurate predictions, to ancient remedies, SSVA combines the sciences of health and astrology to provide the paramount in astrological services.


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